Carbon Neutral Building and Green Building Technology is an ever expanding world of new green building products and procedures that enable us to utilise natural resources and provide power and heating to our homes. By using these green building technologies you can reduce your carbon footprint and along with energy-efficient products you can make your scheme or building Carbon Neutral.


Green Building Design ranges from the siting and orientation for passive solar gain to the building form and external environment. Important considerations for any build are crucial when determining green building design. The concept of living in a low carbon or carbon neutral house was once thought to be costly and impractical, especially in the colder climates of the world. However with new green building design and breakthroughs in sustainable living this conception can now be realised through Carbon Neutral Building.

Green building materials

Green Building Materials are an important aspect when assessing the factors involved with Carbon Neutral Building. Sustainable wood and sustainable local materials are fundamental to any new or refurbishment green building project and can be a satisfying approach to carbon neutral building.

Carbon Neutral